Community Spotlight – Oct 2021

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do in the industry.

I’m Stuart Neill and I’d say I’m a gamer of 30+ years that has, within the last 5+ years, taken an interest in the development and business side of making games.

Where in Northern Ireland are you based?

I live in Ballywalter, but I work in the Stormont Estate as my day job is part of IT support for the Northern Ireland Civil Service. I’ve been able to work from home throughout the last year and a bit

Why did you get started in game development?

I thought that as I have a podcast called How (Not) To Make a Game and have interviewed numerous people from the industry across that podcast and the Lapsed Gamer Radio podcast I should at least try and learn by doing. I’ve only made a Twine game and a Bitsy game so far, but I’ll keep learning and trying

What are you excited to see in the NI Games Industry?

I’m honestly just excited to see the industry flourish in Northern Ireland, and to see more games being made here that get the recognition they deserve.

Is there anything you’d like to promote?

Well, you can play Adrift in Turbulent Waters here, you can find the How (Not) To Make a Game podcast here and you can follow me on Twitter here. Aside from those the only other thing of mine worth promoting is probably the #Freebruary tag I’ve used on Twitter for the past couple of years to help promote free games that people have probably never heard of, but are well worth people’s time <3

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