Community Spotlight – June 2021

Conor Bradley is the founder and director of Belfast-based indie studio Soft Leaf Studios. Amber caught up with Conor recently to find out a bit about him, what Soft Leaf Studios is up to, and his thoughts on the Northern Irish games industry.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do in the industry.

I am the founder and director of Soft Leaf Studios. Like  a lot of smaller companies, I wear multiple hats. One day I’ll be designing, programming, and writing, and the other I’ll be marketing, producing, designing audio, and giving hugs.

Where in Northern Ireland are you based?

We are based in Belfast, but I am originally from Garvagh, County Derry/Londonderry.

Why did you get started in game development?

I’ve been playing games my whole life. I started with the likes of Mario 64, Banjo Kazzoie, and The Curse of Monkey Island, and many others. Game development is something I’ve always wanted to do, though it took me a while to allow myself to do it. I first studied music, this led to doing game music, then sound design, technical sound design, programming, then I thought, it’s about time I stopped kidding myself. This led to the birth of Soft Leaf Studios.

What are you excited to see in the NI Games Industry?

What I am excited for most is the steady growth of the games industry in Northern Ireland. It is very exciting to be a part of. The games, studios, and people here are a daily inspiration to me. I am really looking forward to Amber Isle by Ambertail Games, if I was to point out one game in particular. Everyone is supportive in our community, and I love it.

Is there anything you’d like to promote?

We are working on Stories of Blossom and we are very proud of how it’s coming together. We are focusing heavily on game accessibility and have already had players with total blindness navigate, solve puzzles, and giggle at our stories’ narrative. Here is a link to our Twitter where we recently showed of a WIP demo of our in-game Text-To-Speech and audio descriptions:

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