‘Paleo Pines’ creator announces new studio, debut title

Article adapted from a Discord Post

Ambertail Games is a new indie studio based in Belfast, Northern Ireland founded by former Italic Pig staff Noel Watters and Jordan Bradley – most notably known as creator of upcoming Italic Pig game Paleo Pines.

About the Team

Jordan Bradley is a Games Artist, Creative Director and BIG NERD. She is obsessed with everything dinosaur, and gained massive attention after her scientifically accurate yet chibi-styled dinosaur game concept, Paleo Pines, became Northern Ireland’s largest video game investment to date. Passionate about accurate designs, friendly aesthetics and simple, sleek gameplay, she is excited to bring Ambertale to life.

When she’s not working on dinosaur games, she’s watching youtube videos about theme parks and hanging out with her two snakes, two axolotls and frog.

Noel Watters is a Programmer, Coffee Enthusiast, and all round fan boy for anything related to game development.
With more years and studios under his belt than he’d like to admit, including being the Lead Developer of the dinosaur ranching game Paleo Pines, the development of Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare, and more; He is looking forward to putting all he can into Ambertale!

When he’s not strapped to his computer, he’s busy drinking coffee by the bucket, and showering his cat and dog with more love than they probably want.


Ambertale is a shop management & social simulator game where the player finds themselves in a quaint, modern society of prehistoric creatures called Paleofolk. They are tasked with running their own shop, crafting items to sell and befriending a large cast of dinosaur clients.

Players can specialise in certain crafting areas and even create their very own designs, allowing them to run whatever sort of shop they want. By exploring, completing shop quests and chatting with your customers, you may even find some Paleofolk want to move in and become neighbours! Build the shop of your dreams and bring the sleepy little village back to life!

Ambertale is inspired by a handful of Jordan and Noel’s favourite game elements, such as the shop management and customisation of Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, the friendly, soft, neighbourly characters and interactions of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the satisfying ‘collect-em-all’ element of unlocking all the recipes and Paleofolk!

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